Olas Return On Investment Calculator

This calculator simulates the potential return on investment that you could realize by using Olas software to field inbound queries from your placed workers.

Follow these steps to see your estimated savings:

  1. Input the amount of time your agency spends per week responding to repetitive HR, contract, pay, and timesheet-related queries from workers on assignments/placements.
    Note. Complex questions can take up lots of people’s time and energy. 
  2. Select the number of workers that is closest to your current or target levels. 
  3. Input an average back office employee’s salary.
  4. Hit Calculate and see how much you could save by using Olas.
Minutes Spent Per Worker Per Week
Agency Size - Number of Workers
Back Office Employee's Annual Salary

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How the Calculator Works

Step 1. How Much Wasted Time?

1. Calculate the number of hours spent answering repetitive HR, Timesheet, Payroll, and contract-related questions.
2. Calculate how many back-office employees, or full-time employee equivalents, are needed to answer these questions.

Step 2. Total Cost of Employee

Calculate the total monthly cost of a back-office employee including hidden costs such as insurance, PTO, employers tax, and healthcare.

Step 3. Potential Cost Savings

1. Calculate the total monthly cost of answering these questions manually - the monthly cost of a back-office employee multiplied by how many employees are needed.
2. Subtract the cost of Olas to find the potential savings