Case Study – Allen Recruitment Consulting

Allen Recruitment Consulting

Allen Recruitment Consulting (ARC) specialises in recruiting temporary, contract and permanent IT staff for market-leading household names, internationally. Founded in 1998, ARC fast gained a reputation as a go-to talent supplier, competing at the highest levels of the IT industry and consistently providing high-quality candidates to a competitive client base.

ARC directors, Louise Allen and Brian Cunningham, both come from IT backgrounds and have embedded a tech-forward style of working within ARC. ARC is generally considered a first-mover in an industry that has been known to be hesitant when it comes to adapting to new technology.

Louise and Brian have taken a very data-driven approach and when it came to the pandemic, ARC was in a position to grow and scale as the world of recruitment rapidly evolved. However, that growth came with some minor growing pains:

The Challenge: Scaling Back Office Operations In Line With Growth

Allen Recruitment’s back office team acts as the first point of contact for hundreds of temporary and contract workers. Providing those ARC workers with a top-class level of service has always been extremely important to Lousie and Brian, and as ARC grew, they knew that they needed to give their operations professionals the right tools to effectively service a growing pool of workers.

The Solution: Olas enables ARC’s Operations Team to Focus on High-Value Tasks

An analysis by the operations team found that approximately 100 man-hours a month were being spent manually responding to inbound questions from placed contractors and temporary workers.

As ARC added more workers, it was clear in order to continue to provide ARC workers with a personalised and supportive experience without sacrificing some other part of their role, the operations team would need to automate answering some of these pay, timesheet, and benefit related questions. After exploring potential solutions, Cunningham decided that Olas was the right solution for their needs.

Allen Recruitment successfully redirected a large, time-consuming portion of the operations team’s daily workload to Olas, allowing them to grow the number of contractors and temporary workers that ARC manages without the corresponding increase in operations headcount.

As Cunningham sees it: “Olas allows us to grow the number of contractors and temps we can manage while keeping our internal headcount the same. Plus, it allows our team to focus on the more complex queries that require a higher-degree of personalised intervention.


No Wasted Time

Automate those manual tasks and focus on high value interactions. Minimise distractions for your team.

100% Response Rate - 24/7 - 365 Coverage

Holidays, out of hours, weekends - Answer or Escalate. Olas has you covered.

Compliant and Improved Time to Start

Olas' onboarding workflow captures all the information you need to put people to work.

High Quality Service

Immediate responses and conversational AI drives brand engagement and positive goodwill.

Joint Collaboration

Developed with staffing executives, recruiters, operators and administrators. But most of all, developed with workers. And constantly improving.