Next-Gen Contractor Engagement for Staffing and Recruitment Companies

Fast-growing recruitment companies need to focus on their candidates and clients. You don’t need an inflated operations team. Use Olas to efficiently and effectively manage everything after an offer has been made.


Improve Your Bottom-Line

Olas is an intelligent automation solution for staffing and recruitment companies.
Olas sits on top of Bullhorn and other ATS's, and your timesheet and payroll systems and empowers your operations team
to automate everything that needs to take place once the candidate accepts a position,
drastically reducing the cost of running a contract and temp book.

Intelligent Onboarding

Let Olas seamlessly gather your contractors and temps details, ID and proof of eligibility to work and pass them through to your ATS for processing. Stay compliant without wasting days & weeks chasing people.

Self-Service Chatbot

Timesheets, pay, annual leave - workers' questions can be straightforward or complex. Your team's time is valuable, don't allow it to be spent answering low-value questions. Olas provides a conversational portal that enables your contractors and temps to get the answers they need as easily as possible.

Outbound Engagement

You need to be able to communicate with your workers, without spending all day emailing and messaging people. Olas automates mass and targeted communications through SMS and email to drive desired behaviours such as timely timesheet submissions and to surface challenges before they become showstoppers.

Scale Smart

You've already invested in an ATS, a timesheet system, a payroll system and everything else that's required to run a recruitment company. Now it's time to do the work and scale your recruitment business. Instead of adding more and more payroll specialists and operations professionals as you scale, use Olas to turbo-charge your existing team. Automate onboarding of new hires, allow your contractors and temps to access their own data and find answer to their common pay and timesheets questions and automate outbound messaging to improve timesheet submissions and catch problems before they escalate into showstoppers.



Olas Integrations

Olas is integrated with market-leading ATS such as Bullhorn, as well as timesheet and payroll systems, meaning you don’t have to worry about data silos and the additional expense of adding another system to your tech stack.

Olas is a lightweight solution that sits on top of your other systems and allows your payroll and operations team to be 10x more effective. 

Get in touch to see if there’s an existing integration for your recruitment tech stack.

Built for Operations

No Wasted Time

Automate those manual tasks and focus on high value interactions. Minimise distractions for your team.

100% Response Rate - 24/7 - 365 Coverage

Holidays, out of hours, weekends - Answer or Escalate.
Olas has you covered.

Compliant and Improved Time to Start

Olas' onboarding workflow captures all the information you need to put people to work.

High Quality Service

Immediate responses and conversational AI drives brand engagement and positive goodwill.

Joint Collaboration

Developed with staffing executives, recruiters, operators and administrators. But most of all, developed with workers. And constantly improving.

Actionable Analytics Built In.

Usage, engagement, documents and timesheets submitted, questions asked, feedback provided - indicators of current satisfaction that inform your team on where to spend their time. If your operations team is spending their time between Bullhorn, a payroll and timesheeting system, and excel - we should talk.

Transform Your Operations Team

Reduced Administrative Burden

Reduce your admin bill by up to 50%

Improved Staff Retention

Instead of spending all day putting out fires, direct your operations team to work on more meaningful challenges.

Increased Worker Goodwill

Your contractors are the face of your company to your client. You want them to be singing your praises, don't you?

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