Instant, Personalised Answers. Satisfied Workers

Olas - An Artificial Assistant that Provides Automated, Contextualised Answers for Agency Workers and Contractors.


Seamless Experience, Reduced Overhead

Olas provides staffing agency workers and contractors with instant, personalised answers to their most pressing questions,
reducing the administrative burden on agency staff and improving the experience for everyone involved.

Simple & Complex Questions

Timesheets, holidays, pay, workers' questions can be straightforward or complex. Either way, agencies report spending an average of 40 minutes per placed worker per week answering them.

Competing Priorites

Nobody wants to ignore a worker's question, but what about payroll? Onboarding? Clients? Sometimes priorities get mixed up and the worker gets left in the cold.

Instant Answers

The demand for immediate gratification has moved into the workplace, workers expect answers asap, especially if they have questions about their pay.

Refocus Your Team's Energy

It's important that your workers can access the correct answers to their questions. But that doesn't mean your ops and admin teams need to spend all day working on it. It definitely doesn't mean that your revenue producers, your recruiters, should be spending their time on this challenge. Let Olas provide contextualised, personalised answers and redirect your team's attention to more impactful projects.


24/7 - 365 support for employees

No Wasted Time

Instant responses for the worker, no distractions for the agency.

24/7 - 365 Coverage

Holidays, out of hours, weekends, Olas has you covered.

High Quality Service

Conversational AI drives brand engagement and positive goodwill.

100% Response rate

Answer or escalate, no black hole or dropped balls.

Joint Collaboration

Developed with staffing execs, recruiters, operations and administrators. But most of all, developed with workers. And constantly improving.

Sophisticated Analytics Built In.

Usage, engagement, questions, - indicators of current satisfaction and future behaviour.

Reduce Administrative Costs & Transform Experiences

Reduced Administrative Burden

Reduce your admin bill by up to 10x.

Improved Staff Allocation

Instead of putting out fires, direct your ops and admin team to work on more meaningful challenges.

Increased Worker Goodwill

Your workers and contractors represent your agency to your client. You want them to be singing your praises, don't you?

Product features and Plans




How Olas Works

The science behind the conversational, personalised AI is complex,
and kind of irrelevant. What matters is how it works for you...

1. Training

Olas bases its answers on the worker's contract, the worker's handbook, any other relevant document that the staffing agency uses and data in the agency's systems (ATS, Payroll, HRIS). We train the Olas AI model on your agency's documents and systems.

2. Testing

Once Olas is trained on your documents and systems, we collaboratively test it out. The goal isn't to "beat" the AI but to prove that Olas can provide personalised, contextualised answers for different workers based on their specific contract and data records in your systems.

3. Go-Live

Olas is lightweight and can live as a web app, a widget on your site, a mobile app or through SMS. At this point, everything is set up and ready to go. Olas goes live.

4. Ongoing Support

We don't expect any problems, but we're only a phone call away, ready to jump in and fix any challenges that do come up.